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Award-winning Chinese film Close To The Sun on screening tour in U.S.


16:05, February 08, 2012

HOUSTON, Feb. 7 (Xinhu) -- International award-winning Chinese film Close To The Sun is on a multi-city screen-tour in the U.S. to promote cultural exchange between China and the United States as well as tourism in the emerging Chinese tourism destination Guizhou province, organizers of the screening tour said.

The film, which pocketed three awards at the 2011 Sedona International Film Festival, came to the fourth largest U.S. city of Houston on Monday as one leg of its U.S. screening tour.

Close to the Sun is the second work of Chou Chou, a Guizhou native and a Beijing Film Academy graduate. The film was created to unveil the unique charisma of Guizhou's picturesque natural scenery and its long-standing ethic and cultural heritages.

According to Yang Shengming, an official with Guizhou Provincial Tourism Association of China, before the film's arrival in Houston, it had visited more than 10 cities in the U.S., including New York and Washington DC.

Monday's screening in Houston drew people from all walks of life, including the officials from Consulate-General of China in Houston, overseas Chinese and local citizens. The film tells a story of a French woman questing for her own Shangri La to spend the rest of her life after she discovered she was dying of an incurable disease. She ended up to a remote village in Guizhou and soon fell in love with the life of the local Miaos. All the shooting of the film was completed in Guizhou province. With the combination of natural scenery, ethic and cultural heritages in Guizhou, the film earned itself fame on the international stage and walked home with three awards at the Sedona Film Festival, including Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography. The screening headed to San Francisco on Tuesday, the final leg of its U.S. trip.


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