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Asia Pacific Screen Awards nominated films to screen at Gold Coast Film Festival


09:05, October 18, 2011

BRISBANE, Australia, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- Five films including one from China 'Let the Bullets Fly' nominated for the 2011 Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) will screen at the Gold Coast Film Festival (GCFF) in late November in Australia's Queensland, it was announced on Monday.

The Gold Coast Film Festival 2011, presented by Australia Fair Shopping Centre, will run on November 21-27 at Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas at Southport in Queensland.

The GCFF Opening Night Film, Let the Bullets Fly, written and directed by Jiang Wen, has been nominated for Best Feature Film and Achievement in Directing.

The five films that will screen are Norwegian Wood (Japan), Elena (Russian Federation), Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (Japan) and international box office sensation, Let the Bullets Fly (China).

Filmmakers from across the Asia Pacific region and around the world will gather on the Gold Coast for the fifth annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards ceremony on November 24.

APSA is an international cultural initiative of the Queensland Government.


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