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Fan Bingbing promotes her film "My Way" at Busan film festival


09:32, October 09, 2011

Busan, South Korea, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese actress Fan Bingbing said Saturday she enjoyed working with a dazzling multinational cast including two of Asia's most famous stars, Jang Dong-gun of South Korea and Joe Odagiri of Japan, while filming their upcoming movie, "My Way".

"It was such a pleasant experience for me to make a film with the two wonderful actors," Fan told at a press conference attended by hundreds of journalists.

She visited the Busan International Film Festival to promote her new films, "My Way" and "Yang Gui Fei," both directed by South Korean prominent filmmakers.

"My Way" is a war blockbuster made by Kang Je-kyu, and some 28 billion won (23.9 million U.S. dollars) was invested into the production of the movie.

The movie heralds a comeback of the director after he made " Taegukgi" seven years ago. "Taegukgi," which depicted the horrors of the Korean War in a touching family drama, attracted over 12 million viewers to the local box office.

"My Way" centers around two men set in the Battle of Normandy during World War II. Even though it's a war film, the movie mainly portrays a drama of true humanity that transcends border and nationality.

Fan plays a Chinese woman with astonishing sniper skills, who seeks revenge for the Japanese army's murder of her family.

The actress said her two co-stars gave her motivation and strength to overcome hardships she faced while working on the film.

"I was full of fear at first because there were many battle and firing scenes. But after I saw how strenuously the two actors worked, I thought that I should not be afraid," said Fan.

The movie is set for release at the end of this year in South Korea, and January 14 next year in January, and sometime in January in China and the United States.


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