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Mongolia holds international chess championship


10:22, December 07, 2011

ULAN BATOR, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- International chess players Tuesday gathered here to participate an international chess championship.

Under the auspices of World Chess Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Afairs and Trade organized this event.

The State Secretary of the ministry D. Tsogtbaatar said chess was a sport with 1500 years of history, and requires numbers of qualities and capacities including intelligence, capacity, endurance, visionary, strategy, optimal decision and fast thinking from a player.

He strssed Mongolia had numbers of international chess masters and grand masters and chess was widely spread among youth, adults and elders in Mongolia from earlier times.

Over 120 chess players from Mongolia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia and China will take part in the championship which will be organized in two categories of masters and speed chess.

The contest will last seven days from Dec. 6 to 12.


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