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Fifth major Blues festival being held in Nepal


13:13, November 12, 2011

KATHMANDU, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- People from the Nepali capital Kathmandu are swinging in the melody of the Blues music in the 5th Himalayan Blues festival that kicked off in Kathmandu from Nov. 10.

The festival has an array of world class musicians from different parts of the world including Ireland, Germany, Australia, Russia, Sweden along with bands from Nepal performing in the festival.

Talking to Xinhua on Friday, festival Director and Founder of Himalayan Blues Festival Samik Kharel said that "the Himalayn Blues Festival is a Nepali originated artistic-cultural event, whose objective is to promote Blues music in Nepal."

Blues music is a music developed in the United States.

Kharel also said that the objective of the festival is to integrate the Blues music with the roots and the folklore of Nepal, as well as to offer a different alternative from those that are generally presented on festivals and artistic-cultural activities in Nepal.

The festival which originated in 2007 has also been expanded to India promoting Himalayan Blues as an Asian Music festival.

The festival which is very popular amongst the tourist is also been supported by the Nepal Tourism Board and by the missions based in Nepal through cultural grants.

According to the organizers, hundreds of foreign and local people are expected to attend the festival.

The festival will last until Nov. 12.

Talking to Xinhua, Deepak Shakya, bassist and performer of Rock Sitar, a world class band from Nepal, said that it was a great experience to be performing in the festival.

"We have world class performers from all over the world and to be performing and jamming with them is a great experience," Shakya said.

"The festival is not just about promoting music or bands, but it is a unison in terms of culture. And it is indeed a wonderful opportunity for Nepal in terms of tourism and the experience is always beyond explanatory goodness," he further said.

Rock Sitar is an instrumental band, headed by the most popular Sitar player of Nepal, Bijaya Vaidya.

The group of instrumentalists deliver a meditational vibration of music showcasing only their instruments without much if at all any vocal exhibition, therefore allowing the listener to truly become absorbed in real soulful meditation.

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