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Lego master turns children's bricks into art

(Shanghai Daily)

08:58, July 26, 2013

Some sculptors use stone, others use metal, wood, plastic, glass and "found articles." American-based artist Nathan Sawaya uses more than 400,000 multicolored Lego toy building blocks.

His "Art of the Brick" exhibition, which has been a hit in New York, Hong Kong and Taiwan over the years, opens today at the Super Brand Mall in Shanghai and runs through October 27.

Sawaya uses Legos to create a 20-foot-long dinosaur, a tiger-giraffe, a giant queen figure and a 2-meter-high pencil "for writing on the ceiling." He makes various human figures, celebrity portraits and a cello.

His signature piece "Yellow" is a large yellow torso of a man tearing open his chest to unleash a cascade of plastic bricks. He says the world is about his personal metamorphosis.

A certified Lego master, Sawaya showcases not only childish innocence and "toys" for children but also his own philosophy. In his view, the famous bricks are not only a favorite childhood toy but also an inspiring medium for contemporary art.

The exhibition features interactive, brick-building games. Organizers say the event not only stimulates children's imagination, but also evokes adults' nostalgia for their childhood toys.

Date: July 26-October 27, 11am-9pm

Venue: 9/F, Shanghai Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Rd W.

Tickets: 50 yuan

Tel: 6440-0379, 6887-7888

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