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Buzzowords in China in first half of 2013:Tickets for scenic spots

(People's Daily Online)

08:08, July 10, 2013

Fenghuang ancient city on May. 1, 2007.(Photo/Xinhua)

As soon as Fenghuang ancient city of Hunan province started charging an entry fee of 148 yuan, the scenic spot became the subject of an intense debates. During this year’s May Day holidays, Fenghuang ancient city witnessed a dramatic fall-off in tourist visitorss.

Before the May Day holiday, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that tickets at preferential prices would be available for more than 1200 domestic scenic spots, but the Huangshan, Mount Emei and some other popular scenic spots decided to exempt the three-day-holiday and reduce their prices at some other time, a gesture that was criticized as "lack of sincerity" by the netizens.

The long-term development for scenic areas must lie in encouraging people to enjoy to the fullest the facilities available, as well as developing diversified revenue streams.

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