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Visible music and audible color in lively concert

(Shanghai Daily)

08:59, June 21, 2013

An abstract painting of past, present and future Shanghai will be created to music in a rare concert of piano and paint brush.

Pianist Song Siheng will cooperate with French abstract painter Gerard Economos tomorrow in a free concert titled "Blue" at Shanghai Concert Hall.

Economos will paint to music, completing a 16-square-meter painting of Shanghai on stage. His brush will move with the music, unfolding the scenes between the notes.

The four-part concert features Shanghai in different ages. Debussy's work will describe old Shanghai, Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" will describe the present and future of the city.

"Cooperation between music and painting is nothing new. Artists, such as Debussy and Monet, were already used to getting inspiration from other art forms," says pianist Song who has created several multi-media concerts.

"I believe modern art should be comprehensive and multi-dimensional rather than simple," he says. "I prefer to see myself as an artist, rather than a simple pianist."

Date: Tomorrow, 8pm

Venue: Shanghai Concert Hall

Address: 523 Yan'an Rd E.

Tickets: Free

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