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Institute founded to preserve names of ancient sites


19:38, June 08, 2013

BEIJING, June 8 (Xinhua) -- A protection association was founded on Saturday to ensure the continuous use of the original names of ancient sites.

The China Cultural Heritage Placenames Protection Promotion Association was set up to protect the names of historic areas that are vulnerable to having their names changed due to urban construction and resource development.

Figures released at Saturday's founding ceremony revealed that 40 percent of the names of Beijing's ancient alleyways and courtyards disappeared during a campaign to renovate the old parts of the city.

"The association will strive to protect the names of cultural heritage sites with obvious value and steer the management and protection of these names on a scientific and regulated path," said Liu Baoquan, head of the organization.

Vice Minister of Civil Affairs Dai Junliang urged civil affairs departments at all levels to make concrete efforts to protect the names of the sites, as well as called for related social organizations to play a bigger role in the cause.

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