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Meat lover's paradise

By Amanda Lee, Sun Ye and Fan Zhen  (China Daily)

14:03, February 16, 2013

Morton's Steakhouse is a meat lover's paradise, with its seafood extravaganza of an ocean platter and the signature main course of T-bone steak(China Daily/ Fan Zhen)

American steakhouses are making their presence felt in China, and one of the latest to make an impact is Morton's from Chicago. China Daily's food team looks at the formula that makes Morton's a global name for beef on the plate.

There is a certain ritual to dining at Morton's, and it's the same in Chicago, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and most recently, in Beijing.

Location is the first ingredient, and most Morton's are found in top-class hotels. In the Forbidden City, the host is the Regent Beijing right next to Jinbao Jie and Wangfujing, where the real estate prices rise to rarefied heights.

On the second floor, the signature white signage is hard to miss as you step out of the elevator.

The restaurant boasts an open kitchen, and diners can watch and smell their food, as it is prepared.

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