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Legends of modern dance amaze Beijing [Video]

By Song Yaotian (CNTV)

16:30, November 02, 2012

Cloud Gate is Taiwan's most influential modern dance company, and China's first modern dance troupe. (Photo/Xinhua)

Cloud Gate is Taiwan's most influential modern dance company, and China's first modern dance troupe. Having helped shape China's modern dance scene since 1973, the acclaimed company has brought its youth troupe to Beijing, for an International Dance Festival at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Wherever they perform, the Cloud Gate troupe is a sight to behold.

Former glories include pieces like "Cursive" -- a dance that imitates calligraphy strokes and "Water Moon" -- a piece inspired by Taichi and Chinese poetry.

This time around, Cloud Gate has brought its youth troupe, Cloud Gate 2 to Beijing, to show a little bit more vigor and freedom.

The Beijing show features some of the best from the group's 13 year repertoire.

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