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Artists put strays in the frame

By Qu Zhi (Shanghai Daily)

09:02, November 02, 2012

"Every Cat Has His Own Cinema" (Photo/Shanghai Daily)

A love of animals and concern for their welfare prompted three young ladies - Annie Yang, Wang Xi and Zhang Xian - to take up their brushes and create art to promote animal protection.

The group, known as Clover Protector - which has the motto "caring for animals and treating them as equals" - is holding an exhibition of watercolors, acrylic paintings and collage.

All works displayed are for sale, with proceeds going to animal protection organizations.

Postcards and souvenirs are also available, with the earnings also going to charity.

The show is being held in a department store and visitors are invited to bring their own pets along. The exhibition hall has been decorated in dark tones, symbolizing the dangers facing stray animals.

The artworks themselves offer sharp contrasts, from bright warm tones to cold and dark colors. The three artists combine delicate brushstrokes and strong colors to portray stray animals.

One of the artists, Annie Yang, is still a junior student at Shanghai American School and has been painting since she was six.

"We are a team working together for one reason - that we should respect animals and protect them, as we do ourselves," she says.

Yang and her fellow artists are pet owners, and also involved in caring for strays.

"My school has a tradition of adopting stray cats and I've always been very touched by them. We shouldn't just take care of our own pets, lovely stray animals should be cared for too. So we decided to hold this exhibition to raise awareness," Yang explains.

Date: Through November 16, 10am-10pm

Venue: Plaza 889, 889 Wanhangdu Rd

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