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Sportswear and jeans hit the stage in China Fashion Week


09:34, November 01, 2012

Fashionistas around the world have their eyes trained on the event - which kicked off in Beijing last Wednesday. It features a particularly vast array of attire - ranging from traditional ethnic garb to full gowns. Today let's check out the sports and jeanswear.

Orange and green, what do these colors make you think of? In the show "Wake" they're meant to help evoke and imagine life at the borders of color, nature and technology.

Zhao Zirui, designer, said,"I believe dark colors are going to dominate in coming years. I was inspired by flowers in the forest. By putting layers and layers of forest, you transition from color to a sense of science and technology. I think that's a breakthrough in sportswear design."

The sea theme was hardly restrained during this next denimwear show - and neither was the designer, who apparently tackled his designs with ambition.

Liu Yiqun, designer, said,"My inspiration derives from the power of ocean. Through this color, I want to inspire today's young people to be positive and active, to overcome all kinds of difficulties."

China fashion week concludes this weekend.

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