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TV competition promotes folk music [Video]

By Zhang Nini (CNTV)

08:40, November 01, 2012

Three months of fierce competition have culminated on stage at the studios of China Central Television. (CNTV)

Three months of fierce competition have culminated on stage at the studios of China Central Television. A fifteen member band won the first prize in the group category at the country's biggest folk musical event. But the winners say playing the music is more important than winning the prize.

Young and passionate, the fifteen member band presents their interpretation of the famous folk composition "Flowing Creek", with fresh elan and vitality.

They're junior students from the Central Music Academy. Their instrument is called the Jinghu, a two stringed instrument with a high register.

Emerging as the biggest winners of the night, the students will be guranteed a contract with one of China's four folk music ensembles upon graduation. They say they're passionate about playing music and winning awards is secondary.

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