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Aniwow!2012 opens in Beijing [Video]


15:56, October 31, 2012

"Aniwow!2012", the 7th running of the International Student Animation Festival has gotten underway at the Communications University of China in Beijing.

This year the festival has drawn 1486 works, including 718 foreign works from 32 countries. 206 of them made it to the finals. The "Little White Poplar" prize will be awarded to the best work after a three-day exhibition and judging.

Top animation colleges from Canada, France, USA and UK will hit the screens, and more than 40 hours of animation will be exhibited in total. In addition, 8 lectures will be given by experts in animation, new media and education, including the experienced artists and mangers from Disney and Dream Works. They will focus on the cultivation and education of Chinese animation talent.

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