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Quiet fairyland hidden in downtown Shanghai

People's Daily Online)  08:12, October 31, 2012

Photo shows the view on Fuxing Island in Yangpu District of Shanghai. (

Edited and translated by Ye Xin, People's Daily Online

Fuxing Island lies in the Yangpu district in Shanghai, at the east shore line of the Huangpu River at the northern edge of Pudong developing belt. Fuxing Island is unknown to the outside world although it lies inside the downtown Shanghai.

Fuxing Island sits adrift on a bend in the Huangpu River, a narrow strip of dockyards and decrepitude. It's perhaps a destination only for serious history buffs, since the sole attraction here is the villa where Cheng Kai Shek spent his last night in Shanghai before fleeing to Taiwan in 1949.

Though the rest of the island bears the marks of heavy industry, the Fuxing Island park itself is actually rather nice; shaded by ancient camphor trees and delightfully well-kept.

Otherwise the island is interesting only for how much unlike the rest of the city it is; empty of people, more rust than regeneration. Plans are afoot to develop the island into some kind of eco-attraction, but for now visitors remain rare.

If you've seen the major sights and fancy picking a target for some more serious urban exploration, it's worth considering.

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How to get there: Fuxing Island is a long way from central Shanghai. The nearest metro station in Puxi is Huangxing Lu (Line 8), which drops you a 10 minute taxi ride away. It's easier, and more fun, to access it from the Pudong side of the river: Jinqiao Lu on Metro Line 6 is a 15 minute walk from a 24-hour ferry terminal (also called Jinqiao Lu) from where you can motor across to the island in just 10 minutes.

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