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Frightful fun for Halloween [Video]


13:57, October 30, 2012

When pumpkins, witches hats and spiders make their annual appearance you can tell Halloween is approaching. (CNTV)

When pumpkins, witches hats and spiders make their annual appearance you can tell Halloween is approaching. With just three days to go, celebration of the Western holiday has become increasingly popular in China, due to the number of expats that have moved to the country's major cities, like Shanghai.

At this amusement park, 150,000 pumpkins have been used to create a pumpkin world. Visitors are fascinated by the pumpkin house and the pumpkin pyramid. Meanwhile, they also get the chance to make pumpkin pies and porridge. And, it's a magical world for children, with pumpkin bowling and pumpkin carving lessons to add to the fun. Five haunted houses are another highlight, to add to the heartstopping thrill of the halloween experience.

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