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Beijing Int'l Film Festival Opens Awards Section

(CRI Online)

16:19, October 29, 2012

Directors James Cameron and Zhang Yimou interact with each other at a seminar held during the 2012 Beijing International Film Festival. (Photo/

The Beijing International Film Festival will put official competition on its agenda next year, organizers have announced.

The 3rd edition of the annual festival, which will run from April 16 to 23, 2013, will give out the Temple of Heaven awards. Named after one of Beijing's historical landmarks, the awards will honor film workers in 10 categories, including best feature film, director, lead actor and actress, supporting actor and actress, screenplay, cinematography, music, and visual effects.

The festival's Website,, is receiving global submissions until December 31. An international jury will select winners, which will be announced at the closing ceremony, according to the organizers.

Unlike its older counterparts such as the Cannes and Berlin international film festivals, the Beijing International Film Festival didn't give out awards in its previous two years. Instead, films were selected for screening. Other events were held to provide platforms for filmmakers and distributors. International guests attending the previous festivals included directors James Cameron and Darren Aronofsky.

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