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Chu Yan serves up simplicity and tradition at China Fashion Week

(Global Times)

10:18, October 29, 2012

A model struts the catwalk at the Beijing Hotel on Friday. (Chu Yan/GT)

Fashion designer Chu Yan's show "Chuhe Tingxiang: Tingxiang" held Friday at the Beijing Hotel in Dongcheng district offered a glimpse of the past and a taste of the future. As part of China International Fashion Week, which opened on the catwalk Wednesday, the show aimed to convey "artistic beauty rooted in Chinese culture" that fits the lifestyles of "contemporary society," said Chu.

The famous Chinese designer has received many awards including the 2011 Best Designer of China for her label Chuhetingxiang.

For her latest show, Chu was inspired by the Chinese philosophical belief of man being an integral part of nature.

Virtues of a simple lifestyle were reflected in her collection of 39 costumes reflecting shades of black and gray along with more vibrant reds and greens without complicated designs.

Vegetation dyeing, an ancient Chinese dying technique that involves using flower and plant extracts to dye clothing, was used for most outfits to highlight the show's organic sentiment.

Fashion critic Mu Xia told Metro Beijing Chu's show had succeeded in striking a balance between being "down-to-earth" yet "very international" in its styles and designs.

"It combines Chinese elements and international fashion, which showcases traditional Chinese culture to the world," Mu said.

Now in its 15th year, China Fashion Week brings together the country's top designers and fashion heavyweights from around the world.
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