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Famous Chinese actor Wang Zhiwen caught DUI

By Zhang Rui (

09:56, October 29, 2012


A famous Chinese actor was caught with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol last night in Shanghai.

46-year-old actor Wang Zhiwen was pulled over in the late hours of Thursday night when traffic police stopped him during regular road traffic controls.

Shanghai police said this morning that according to forensic reports, the alcohol concentration in Wang's blood was 0.28mg/ml, which constitutes DUI, but is yet somewhat short of drunk driving.

Wang posted the bail of 300 yuan (US$48) and then left the police station. He will be fined 1,000 yuan (US$160) and his driving licence will be confiscated for six months. Wang will also be ordered to attend traffic laws and regulations classes.

Wang Zhiwen has been caught DUI several times.

In May 2011, musician Gao Xiaosong was sent to prison for 6 months for drunk driving which had led to a serious accident. Gao was fined 4,000 yuan (US$641.2) and became the first celebrity to get behind bars for drunk driving.

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