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Han Yuniang performed at 14th CSIAF

(Guangming Online)

15:19, October 24, 2012


Shanghai, Oct. 24 (Guangming) – The Peking opera Han Yuniang, based on an old opera of Mei Lanfang, is starring Dong Yuanyuan, one of the outstanding successors of the Mei Lanfang style. As a program of the 14th China Shanghai International Arts Festival, this program attracted many fans' attention. This new play is recreated by China National Peking Opera Company.

The director, Gao Mukun, said that Han Yuniang is totally a new work in terms of both structure and figures. It not only displays the painful memories of war but also shows Han Yuniang's faithfulness and patriotism. The opera tells a story of Han Yuniang, an ordinary woman, who struggled against the sufferings and hardships in her life and highlights her traditional virtues of faithfulness and national identity. Gao Mukun also pointed out that Peking Opera should promote the integration of ideology, artistry and visual effects nowadays. Through performing this play, they want to find a way of artistic creation that leads back to the nature of Peking Opera -- focusing on the original form and emotional expressions that fit the modern times.

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