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Chinese, Western festivals increasingly fused together

(People's Daily Online)

14:59, October 23, 2012

The combination of "God of Wealth" and "Mickey Mouse." They are well-known characters from Chinese and Western cultures. (file photo)

"Mickey Mouse" was invited to welcome gods

The members of "Palace to Goddess Dou Mu" have recently held a series of dazzling and exciting performances and activities in Sungai Petani, Malaysia, to welcome the nine gods in myths and legends. They not only sent the "God of Wealth" but also invited "Mickey Mouse" to welcome the nine gods, attracting the eyes of a large number of people.

People were very surprised and curious about the combination of "God of Wealth" and "Mickey Mouse," which are well-known characters from Chinese and Western cultures. The main reason lies in the growing cultural fusion of Chinese and Western festivals.

Traditional Chinese festivals are derived from agricultural civilization and associated with ancestors worship, gods worship and exorcism, while traditional Western festivals are relatively more relaxed, free and happy, which have gradually been introduced to Chinese festivals.

Chinese characters meaning "blessings" were hung on Christmas trees

With the rapid economic and social development of China, the economic and cultural exchanges between east and west have become increasingly frequent and traditional Chinese festivals also displayed their unique charm to the world under the dissemination and promotion of overseas Chinese people. Westerners also begin to understand the charm of traditional Chinese festivals and cultural elements and fuse them into traditional Western festivals.

Chinese characters meaning "blessings" also appear in Christmas, hanging upside down on Christmas trees or directly covering on them. If red lanterns are also hung on the Christmas trees, it stands for "having ample food and clothing and living a happy life." Obviously, the taste of Chinese festivals has been added to the Christmas.

As an important element of traditional folk activities in China, paper cutting is indispensable in weddings, funerals and other grand festivals. Some creative Westerners even celebrate the April Fools' Day by paper cutting, giving another meaning to the art in the perspective of Western culture. The paper cutting called "Dream of All Fools' Day" has attracted many people's eyes.

Chinese and Western cultures are not unrelated with each other

Chinese and Western festivals are derived from different natural environment and cultural background and have different origins and customs. Although having different characteristics, they are not unrelated with each other.

More and more foreigners in overseas Chinese communities are joining local Chinese residents in celebrating the Spring Festival. At the same time, a growing number of foreign tourists and students in China choose to spend the Spring Festival together with Chinese families. This shows the distinct Chinese and Western cultures are increasingly integrating with each other through exchanges.

Read the Chinese version: 中西节庆文化融合渐入佳境

Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Zhang Xin.

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