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Traditional Chinese Medicine recognized worldwide


09:57, October 23, 2012

The output value of Traditional Chinese Medicine reached nearly 500-billion yuan in 2011, 15 times the value of 2001. (CNTV)

The output value of Traditional Chinese Medicine reached nearly 500-billion yuan in 2011, 15 times the value of 2001. That’s according to statistics from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Su Gangqiang, state administration of traditional medcine, said, "Traditional Chinese medicine developed with our own technologies have been received well in international markets."

China has established 16 clinical research bases for traditional medince,and over 300 academic research centres. 118 patents have been granted to these centres. Also, 35 scientific achievements have been awarded the State Science and Technology Prize.

China has developed a new kind of medicine, which is effective in controlling hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS. A patent has been granted to the drug by 9 countries, including the US, the UK and France. The country has also made remarkable achievements in the treatment of coronary heart disease, strokes and tumors.

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