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Taiwan residents donate cultural relics to war museum

By Liu Xiangrui (

08:14, October 23, 2012

A group of Taiwan residents, all relatives or descendants of those who participated actively in the patriotic resistance against the Japanese invasion of Taiwan, donated a set of important cultural relics from the war to the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Museum in Beijing on Sunday.

During a ceremony held at the museum, in Wanping Fortress, a Ming Dynasty fortress in Fengtai, Beijing, representatives of the donors shared stories of their forefathers.

A panel, attended by the donors and representatives from associations including the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League and the All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, followed the donation.

The donation and the panel were part of the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Chinese people's victory in the War of Resistance against the Japanese Aggression and Taiwan's return to China after the Japanese invasion, the organizers said.

The donated relics, including a set of files about the Taiwan Commando, a special group who fought the Japanese invaders, and six unsorted original files about the "Tanaka Memorial", are valuable as they are large in number and well preserved, said Shen Qiang, head of the memorial museum.

"They have not only enriched the collection in our museum, but also fill the vacancy of relics about Taiwan's resistance against Japanese aggression in history," Shen said.

"They will be helpful references when we carry out patriotic education and research on Taiwan's history of struggle against Japanese aggression in the future."

The donated relics will be shown at an exhibition about Taiwan people's history of resistance against Japanese aggression next year, the museum head added.

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