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China Rouge with art-laced ambience

By Rebecca Lo (China Daily)

15:59, October 22, 2012

The bar depicts Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese art deco stained glass. (Photo/China Daily)

Far from the maddening crowd that is the Cotai Strip, there is a place where Asia's social elite are known by name and catered to with deference.

It is the most talked about nightclub to open in Macao this year, and has already seen the likes of celebrity performers including Laura Fygi, Hacken Lee and Kenny G.

Its concept originated with Galaxy Entertainment Group's vice-chairman Francis Lui, who considers it his pet project in the Galaxy Macao complex.

"What could we do for Macao, to give people a choice?" he recalls thinking. "That is why we have China Rouge. It is smaller, more intimate, more interactive. We felt that it was something we could offer customers so they don't have to sit in an arena with 10,000 others as one of many.

"China Rouge is about Shanghai 1930s style: glamorous and glittering," Lui says. "I was hands-on and made sure of every little detail, whether it was the furniture, the carpet or the show. I paid a lot of attention to China Rouge and I'm passionate about it because it is something new - never before done in Macao. It is original, intimate and Asian.

"Our theme is 'world class, Asian heart' and we want to show that in fact entertainment can be done in an Asian way that is also exciting."

To help him execute his vision, Lui entrusted the talents of Hong Kong graphics and interior designer Alan Chan.

Taking a year to complete the project, Chan found inspiration from the heydays of not only Shanghai but also Paris.

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