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Practical artistic work or 'naked lady’ chairs?

(People's Daily Online)

13:52, October 19, 2012

Photo shows chairs in the shape of a naked woman at the Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu province.(Xinhua)

Recently, the six so-called "naked lady chairs" in two sets sparked heated debate. The blue female sculptures were in a sitting gesture like a row of chairs while the stretched arms just function as handrails.

Netizens vary in views

Some netizens believe that those lady-shaped sculptures look seductive and obscene and are disrespectful to women. Others think that the calm and peaceful blue color make them nothing unbearable plus the sculptures give regard to abstract instead of concrete likeliness. Still some netizens question whether the original intention of such design is vulgar.

Ofiicial response

As to the official response, Suzhou Industrial Park said the sculptures are in fact landscape sculptures and not chairs. In order to prevent visitors from misunderstanding, they have now been relocated to safe places.


It is always complained that there are few work of arts in streets. Nevertheless, every try might draw different views, some non-professional, some of moral principles, some of subjective misreading and arbitrary.

Browsing photos spread online, we see that the sculptures are obviously seats in the abstract outline of ladies. Therefore, it is no wonder for someone to speculate that relevant administrations did not prevent others from taking them as “alternative seats”. Moreover, why could a landscape sculpture not be used as a seat? A sculpture work may be different in the eyes of different people.

The so-called “naked ladies chairs” are merely perception of some netizens. Even though they are seats with the artistic element of “naked ladies”, why are they recognized to be “unbecoming” or “disrespectful to females”?

Following above thinking, we could give an insight into the “sequela” of “removing for doubt”; that is to say, the administrations agree with the saying that sculptures were disrespectful to females. Regardless of wherever they go, if anyone doubts whether or not they are seats, do they have to be removed again and again?

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