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Locals hire ayis for newborns with much money

By Zhao Wen   (Shanghai Daily)

09:42, October 19, 2012

(File Photo)

Domestic helpers specializing in caring for newborns earned the most among their peers in the third quarter of this year and remain at the top of a salary list released by the Shanghai Household Services Association.

The list is issued quarterly to provide salary guidance for residents who want to hire an ayi, the Chinese term for a maid.

The salary is based on statistics from 50 household service companies surveyed by the association and the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

For the fourth quarter, the monthly income of an ayi with more than five years' experience in maternal and child nursing is around 6,000 yuan (US$959).

"Taking care of new mothers and newborns is very demanding and that is why they earn more," said Sun Shizhen, secretary to the association.

"The ayi needs to have professional nursing skills and often has to stay up all night to take care of a newborn. The job usually lasts for one month and is extremely intense," Sun said.

"It is reasonable that they get higher payment than other domestic helpers," Sun added.

But Sun said the association doesn't expect the price to rise further and hoped the list would be a useful guide for the city's residents.

"We've learned that sometimes the price of an ayi could go up to over 10,000 yuan in the downtown area. There might be some special situations but generally the price shouldn't be so much."

Sun said an ayi's pay depends greatly on their skills and experience. For example, those with less experience in maternal and child nursing earn only about 2,000 yuan a month.

According to the list, good babysitters earn the second highest income at 3,500 yuan a month, followed by domestic helpers who specialize in caring for the elderly at 2,900 yuan a month.

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