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Floral wines beginning to blossom in China

By John H. Isacs  (Shanghai Daily)

09:30, October 19, 2012

An overt way to experience osmanthus aromas and flavors in wines is when the flower is actually added to the wine.
(Shanghai Daily)

The art of wine appreciation has a great deal to do with fragrance. Your nose is one of the most important physical tools used in accessing and enjoying a fine wine.

Many times more sensitive than your mouth, the nose not only discerns aromas but also helps heighten your ability to taste. When tasting a wine, it's best to keep your mouth slightly open and suck in a little air so the faculties of your nose are brought into play.

This technique helps illuminate some of the more subtle and often beautiful aromas and flavors that are hidden within a wine. One of the most pleasing and enchanting of these hidden gems is sweet osmanthus flowers.

In addition to the subtle osmanthus sensations in normal wines, a more overt way to experience osmanthus aromas and flavors in wines is when the flower is actually added to the wine.

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