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Mo Yan makes headlines in Sweden

By Li Jingsi (CNTV)

15:39, October 18, 2012

In Sweden where most of the Nobel Prizes were announced, Mo Yan is making front page news for his award in literature. (

In Sweden where most of the Nobel Prizes were announced, Mo Yan is making front page news for his award in literature. Media coverage has flourished with focus on the Chinese author.

After Chinese writer Mo Yan was awarded with the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, there is a stirring of interest of Mo in Sweden. What allure does he have to attract the Nordic readers’ attention?

One of the biggest chain bookstores, the Culture has put up a poster almost at the same time when Mo was announced to win the prize.

Many of Mo’s books had been translated into other languages, including Swedish. The manager of the Culture bookstore told us that they are busy on stocking Mo’s books.

Culture bookstore manager said, “Although we are the biggest, we still didn’t have his books. But we are busy printing; we will have it very soon. Many people asked about his books. They are interested in Mo’s book. I think it’s interesting.”

Because of Noble prize, Mo’s name has been very famous in local society, more and more people hope to read Mo’s book.

“Do you know a Chinese writer whose name is Mo Yan?”

“Yeah. I knew it just yesterday, who wouldn’t?”

“Yes, I got yesterday when announced. And I haven’t read anything about yet. So I think in the future perhaps I will read something.”

“Do you have some plan to read his books? Do you have some plan to read his books?”

“Yes, yes.”

“I don’t think so.”


“I don’t know. Because I don’t know what he did.”

“Yes, I probably read. I guess my wife is running after it right now, but there is no book because they are all sold out.”

The Metro, one of the most popular newspapers in Sweden, made a series report about Mo Yan. A bookstore in South of Sweden sold out all of Mo’s books in minutes after Mo was announced to win the prize. In the newspaper, they introduced some of Mo’s books and his bio-bibliography.

Three of his books, Red Sorghum, The Garlic Ballads, Life and Death are Wearing Me Out had been translated into Swedish.

Also on the newspaper there is an interesting story that one of the local libraries could not find Mo’s book because one week ago they threw out the only book by Mo Yan during a clean out.

In Nobel's hometown people have paid more attention to Mo Yan and Chinese literature. Winning the award will help more people around the world learn about China and Chinese culture it is felt this is more important than winning the Prize itself.

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