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The Construction of a Moral and Civilized Society Based on Chinese Culture

(People's Daily Online)

11:18, October 17, 2012

In 2002, the 16th CPC National Congress claimed the country will build a higher level of well-off society which shall benefit over one billion people in all aspects within 20 years. And it generalized the all-round building of a well-off society into six features including "more developed economy, more sound democracy, more advanced science and education, more prosperous culture, more harmonious society and better-off life of the people."

The Report of the 17th CPC National Congress further proposed new requirements for building a moderately prosperous society in 2020, which made a clearer blueprint for 2020.

After 10 years, the connotation of building a moderately prosperous society has been changing, which can be summarized with the concept of "nine societies, one pathway" proposed by Prof. Hu Angang, Dean of School of China Studies in Tsinghua University as follows: "a society of co-development and common prosperity; a society of lifelong learning; a society of nationwide health and fitness; a society of ecological civilization; a society of well-being; a society of innovative-open and knowledge-based society; a harmonious and stable society; a democratic and governance-by-law society; a moral and civilized society matching with Chinese culture as well as a road adhering to the opening-up policy, maintaining peace and building a harmonious world. The aforesaid ten aspects constitute the internally and externally unified, coherent and complementary socialist modernized society with Chinese characteristics and the "China Road".

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