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Int’l artists shun gallery in favor of apartment

By Vera Penêda (Global Times)

08:27, October 17, 2012

Poster (File Photo)

Contemporary artworks by artists from around the world can be admired in a kitchen, living room and on a balcony at a private apartment at the exhibition "Left and Right," which opened on October 13 in Sanlitun's diplomatic compound. The collective show features the works of 41 artists from 10 countries including Austria, Canada, China, Colombia, Spain and the US.

The artists, all who have spent time in China, present photographs, videos, illustrations and sculptures that capture their impressions of the country as part of the fourth exhibition of the Austro-Sino Arts Program, an exchange between the Chinese and Austrian art communities funded by Austria's cultural ministry. Curators argue that the artworks are not to be interpreted as "Western art presented in China," while visitors are encouraged to look at art outside its typical realm of galleries and museums.

"I think the exhibition is interesting and international. It offers a good representation of contemporary Beijing; very open and multicultural," said entrepreneur Maika Endo, 33, as she watched a video installation screened over a kitchen sink. "I particularly like the clash between images and sounds."

Other works explore topics such as the daily anxieties of urban life, materialism and memory, as well as the simultaneous revival of ancient art and Western influences in China's art scene.

"Whether we're in Asia or Europe, we don't know whether to go left or right in current times. This is the state of global society, politics and culture," explained Karl Dudesek, an Austrian artist and co-curator of the exhibition.

By staging the exhibition away from Beijing's traditional art hubs, such as the 798 or Caochangdi art zones, curators hope to offer art a more intimate setting.

When: 4-8 pm, until October 21
Where: Hong Studio, 10-2-43 Sanlitun diplomatic compound, Chaoyang district, Beijing
Admission: Free
Contact: +86) 1381-1094-494

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