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China Quyi Peony Awards honor best folk arts


13:04, October 16, 2012

China Quyi Peony Awards, the highest honor given to folk arts in China, has concluded with an upbeat gala. The Chinese term quyi, refers to folk vocal art forms like ballad singing, story-telling, comic dialogue, crosstalk and more.

Both young and established artists from around the country gathered in Nanjing of East China’s Jiangsu Province, celebrating the diversity of Chinese folk arts.

It’s a grand celebration of the folk arts! Award winners from around the country put on a variety of performances.

Comic dialogue "Red Treasure" made the audience laugh and burst into tears at the same time with a touching story. It took home a Peony award, a first for many of the performers.

Guo Da, Peony Awards winner, said, "We are so thrilled to take home this award for the first time! I give a lot of credit to the writer because it’s a great story. It’s great to know that our work is recognized by both the judges and the audience."

The highlight of the night was the "Lifetime Achievement Award". The winners ranged from 70 to 87 years old, and have been around for decades. Their classic works have influenced generations of folk artists and audiences alike. Yet for some of them, this is their first Peony Award.

Shan Tianfang, lifetime achivement awords winner, said, "I’m almost 80 years old and I have been performing for nearly 60 years, this award truly completed my career. But honestly I’m not quite ready to retire yet. I’m not that old...I love the traditional art of story-telling and I believe I can do more for the folk art!"

Hosted by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circle, China Quyi Peony Awards are the highest form of recognition in the folk arts. The event is held every two years.

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