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DPRK's Mansuda Art Troupe debuts in Dandong:video


12:14, October 16, 2012

The DPRK’s national performance group - the Mansuda Art Troupe - has graced the stage in Dandong, in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province. It’s an important part of the ongoing 2012 China-DPRK Expo, which aims to deepen economic, trade and cultural ties between the two nations.

Traditional Korean dancing and singing was brought to the stage by the DPRK’s Mansuda Art Troupe.

It’s their first time playing in China’s Dandong city, and the local audience offered a rapturous round of applause.

A local audience member said, "I’ve never seen Korean dances before. But to my surprise, it’s really good!"

Liu Yongxin, head of Dandong Art Troup, said, "I’m impressed by the Korean artists. They are so brilliant! What’s more, they are very serious about the performance. They rehearsed a lot beforehand until they were satisfied with their performance."

Besides traditional Korean songs, the artists also showcased their version of several Chinese songs, such as the nationwide famous "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau".

The DPRK’s national performance group - the Mansuda Art Troupe - has graced the stage in Dandong, in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province.(

A DPRK actress said, "This song is difficult for me, especially the Chinese lyrics. But it seems the audience loved it, and I’m so glad!"

The Mansuda Art Troupe was formed by DPRK’S former leader Kim Il Sung in 1969. Since then, the troupe has created more than 15-hundred songs, operas, dances and instrumental pieces. A key player in the DPRK’s art scene, the troupe has preformed shows in more than 50 countries with the goal of promoting friendship with other nations.

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