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Controversial artwork removed


09:13, October 16, 2012

Photo shows chairs in the shape of a naked woman at the Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu province.(Xinhua)

Chair-like works of art in the shape of naked women have been removed from Suzhou Industrial Park in Eastern China's Jiangsu province, after a firestorm of criticism, Beijing Times reported on Monday.

The park's management defended the artworks, saying they were sculptures, not seats.

The blue sculptures — in the shape of crouching women with arms outstretched — were placed alongside the green belt along Jinji Lake.

The artwork sparked criticism after photos of the sculptures were posted on the Internet last week. Many netizens said the seats were obscene and degrading to women.

However, the park's management authority said that people took the artwork out of context because the pieces of art were not seats but sculptures.

The park chief said the authority will look for another place to put them.

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