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Horse transporting, biggest barrier for China's equestrian

By Zhang Rui  (

08:41, October 16, 2012

Ingmar de Vos, the Secretary General of the FEI, speaks at the forum held in Chengdu on Sunday. (Zhang Rui/

The biggest barrier for the development of China's equestrian industry is directly related to horse export/import issues, the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) secretary general said at a forum held in Chengdu on Sunday.

"I'm very glad that the FEI World Cup Jumping could be held in Wenjiang, China," said Ingmar de Vos, the Secretary General of the FEI, who was attending the event in Chengdu. He said that the indoor and outdoor race courses were completed in a very short time, adding that: "I saw the determination and confidence in equestrian's development in China."

But the biggest problem for the development is "the export/import issue when transporting horses," Ingmar de Vos said. If China can sort out this issue, then "Equestrian sports will see full development in the vast Chinese market."

The Chinese Equestrian Development Forum and the 4th International Equestrian Forum in western China were held on the second day of the 2012 China Equestrian Festival.

It was the first international forum organized by the Chengdu Equestrian Association after they held the Equestrian Forum for three consecutive years in western China, attracting 200 equestrian experts from countries such as France, the United States and United Kingdom.

Jean-Yves Camenen, General Manager of France's National Interprofessional Horse Union (UNIC), also shared his experiences and stories about speed racing's French development.

"In France, the models of co-buying, renting, sharing are operating models for racing, which can also bring jobs," Camenen said, and that the models can serve as a learning platform for other nations. France has a long equestrian history, and the sport is closely associated with people's daily life, he said.

"However, the most important issue for now is controlling doping," he said. "The legitimacy of the competition can only be ensured by thorough screening."

The forums' major focus is on how to promote equestrian sports across western and greater China. Experts discussed how to popularize the sport and boost industries and merchandizes associated with it. This is a rare opportunity and platform for participants to exchange ideas about how to mobilize high-end industry resources for the sport and help it develop in Chengdu.

"We'll provide a boost to equestrian in Chengdu and western China," said Qin Wenlin, head of the Chengdu Sports Bureau. Qin said that equestrian sports are a kind of elegant, healthy and fashionable sport, which can add another dimension and glory to Chengdu, a sprawling metropolis in western China, and also help the economy.

Qin said that Chengdu paid heavy attention to sports and industries related to equestrian in recent years. They just completed the biggest race course in China and one of the best in Asia. The newly constructed Equestrian Sports Park in Wenjiang District, Chengdu, is a perfect venue for future completions and events.

An opening ceremony announcement stated that the China Equestrian Festival will be permanently located in Chengdu. This year's event will run in Chengdu's Wenjiang District from Oct. 13 to Oct. 20, and includes horse races, forums, exhibitions and banquets.

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