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Why there is no 'Gangnam Style' in China

(People's Daily Online)

08:49, October 15, 2012


Gangnam Style, a song from South Korean singers Psy, had been viewed nearly 300 million times in a short span of only three months. The song set a new Guinness World Record, and its horse-riding dance steps also unleashed a surge of imitation and adaptation worldwide. Chen Jianli, Special Observer of the Sounds of China, gave his opinion.

Chen Jianli: The reason the song became an Internet hit is its reflection on the shock of South Korean culture, apart from its humorous and easy-to-learn dance steps and catchy melody. In fact, the shock of South Korean culture is not new to Chinese people, and even vividly called the "Korean wave"in China. Some netizens gave remarks that the "Gangnam phenomenon" is enviable, but why a similar song could not be composed in China? Some time ago, it was reported that a Chinese company was entrusted by a wealthy person from Australia to build another Titanic. Why can American culture be spread so vigorously? A common disastrous accident has been spread by Cameron for a century. With the consumption of the surplus value of the sunken ship, American spirit has also been spread all over the world. But why cannot Chinese people make it?

As a matter of fact, China is not short of tragic themes like Titanic. What we need is a spirit of innovation and inheritance. Objectively speaking, China is not lack of soft power resources, while Chinese people do have their own core value orientation. However, many of us prefer to copy others in daily life. The thinking and attitude of quick success are depriving us of our innovative consciousness and ability.

Then how could China enhance its cultural soft power? In a broad sense, it should rely on its national strength. Besides doing a good job in boosting hard power, it is also important for the country to do well in its cultural development. In an innovative environment, Chinese people are expected to develop excellent creativity. In addition, we have to make more efforts in our educational methods and talent cultivation modes, in the belief that innovation-oriented talent cultivation mechanisms and a social soil encouraging innovation are bound to give birth to Chinese "Park Jae-Sang"and "Cameron".
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Very important: Cameron is not American. He's Canadian.

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