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Singing sensations ready to rock

(Shanghai Daily)

08:38, October 15, 2012

The first batch of 26 members of the SNH48, the Shanghai equivalent of the Tokyo girl group AKB48 pose in Shanghai.(Shanghai Daily)

Twenty-six young women yesterday stood out from among more than 38,000 stardom-pursing applicants across the country to become the first batch of members of SNH48, the Shanghai equivalent of the world's biggest pop group, AKB48.

The 26 members, with the youngest aged only 13 and others in their 20's, won their spot in the pop idol group with their singing and dancing skills, organizers said at a press conference.

"My dream is to become a very strong and powerful person," said one of the young members.

"Mine is to be an excellent actor and also a millionaire," said another.

After several months of professional training, the 26 young women will make their debut next January, and they could even have their own SNH48 Theater on Jiaxing Road E. in Hongkou District next year, organizers said.

According to one of the organizers surnamed Ye, the group is expected to be trained into a pop idol group with the same concept as that of AKB48, which is "meeting idols face to face."

Ye revealed that they had started recruiting members from July 12, and had received applications from more than 38,000 young women across the country. Another 22 members will be added to the band later.

The SNH stands for Shanghai. And it will be another pop idol group following the series of AKB48, SKE48, HKT48 and JKT48 around the world.

AKB48 is the biggest pop group in the world. In Tokyo's Akihabara area, the group has its own performing venue, named AKB48 Theater. Everyday, some group members perform on stage.

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