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Psy catapults Gangnam style into international limelight [video]


11:01, October 12, 2012

Gangnam area (CNTV)

South Korean rapper, Psy, has catapulted Seoul’s Gangnam district into the international limelight. The area is being compared to Manhattan and Beverly Hills and is said to be the most fashionable place in South Korea.

Tradition and modernity co-exist peacefully in the Gangnam district of Seoul, which literally means "south of the river" in Korean.

Gangnam district has over the years turned into one of South Korea’s most coveted addresses, but now is enjoying a sudden burst of popularity.

A song by South Korean rapper Psy entitled "Gangnam Style" has put this chic neighbourhood on the map. The video went viral over the Summer and reached No.2 in the US Billboard Charts. Naturally, the video has got everybody talking about Gangnam - and what, or where, it is.

Yang Ghang-Bong, student, said,"Gangnam was famous before, but because of Psy’s "Gangnam Style" it’s getting more attention. I’ve lived overseas and I think it’s good to see Gangnam becoming famous among foreigners as a very trendy and very special ’hot’ place."

Gangnam fever is about aspiration.

Located to the south of Seoul’s Han River, the area is home to about one percent of Seoul’s population.

To South Korean people, Gangnam represents a modern, luxurious and fashion-forward lifestyle.

Ko Seo-Hee, student, said,"I think there are a lot of trendy people here. This area is full of fashion and culture and you can find out about the newest trends. I think that’s why many people visit the area."

Gangnam’s development boom began in the 1970s.

Today, the Garosugil area of Gangnam is famous for its high street dotted with small, fashionable boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Before, tourists to South Korea were more interested in going to the north of the Han River where beautiful Korean palaces, antiques and traditional Korean good’s markets are located.

Now though, an increasing number of foreign visitors are stopping by at Gangnam to see the modern and trendy side of Seoul.

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