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Feature: Italian experts applaud Mo Yan's winning of Nobel Prize in Literature

By Marzia De Giuli (Xinhua)

08:59, October 12, 2012

(File photo)

ROME, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Chinese writer Mo Yan winning the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature was a very positive piece of news that will help culture-based communication between China and the rest of the world, Italian experts said here on Thursday.

For Antonella Nonino, organizer of the International Nonino Prize - a prestigious literature prize founded by the homonym Italian distillery in 1975 with the aim of underlining the permanent actuality of rustic life - Mo Yan's award was an "extremely happy event."

The Nonino Prize had awarded the Chinese writer early in 2005, "when our international jury chaired in that edition by Ermanno Olmi (a renowned Italian film director) awarded Mo Yan for his outstanding capacity to depict the rural tradition of his millenary country," she told Xinhua.

"Since then and thanks to Mo Yan, I have established a strong relation with the Chinese culture, whose origins and values emerge so vividly in his works," Nonino said.

"When I had the opportunity to visit China, I found out that country was not so distant as one could imagine for fear or lack of knowledge. Instead its shares a lot of cultural elements with Italy," she added.

"China has the same ancient rural tradition as Italy, and Mo Yan, who was born into a farmers' family and had the experiences of working in the countryside, was especially able to tell the beauty and richness of his country," Nonino said.

"Nowadays, everybody likes to describe China as an industrialized nation which is running at incredible growth rate, but it is also fundamental to remember about its ancient history," she said.

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