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Top 10 most expensive divorces in China

By Zhang Junmian  (

08:29, October 12, 2012

Wang Wei and Yang Lei ( file photo)

Top 10: Wang Wei and Yang Lei 土豆网CEO 王微+杨蕾

Estimated settlement: 44.1 million yuan (US$7 million)

In June 2011, 39-year-old Wang Wei, CEO and founder of China's famous online video website Tudou, settled a divorce suit with his ex-wife Yang Lei by paying her 44.1 million yuan (US$7 million) in compensation. Under this condition, Yang agreed to give up her claim to a 38 percent stake in Tudou, which had disrupted the firm's plan for IPO on the US market for more than six months. Yet the firm still missed the best timing for going public. Its stock fell 38 percent within three days after its debut on August 17, 2011. Wang tied the knot with Yang, a renowned hostess at Shanghai TV, in August 2007, but filed for divorce one year later. Wang was said to have intimate relations with an American Chinese dancer, while Yang complained that Wang cared more for Tudou than for her. Later, the Chinese online video giant Youku officially "merged with" Tudou on August 20, 2012, with the latter withdrawing from the NASDAQ four days later.

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