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Is 'China First Kiss' ugly?

(People's Daily Online)

14:21, October 11, 2012

Photo shows the "China First Kiss" statue erected on the street of Ya'an City, southeast China's Sichuan Province. ( Wang Jianming)

Edited and translated by Ye Xin, People's Daily Online

Recently, the famous "China First Kiss" statue in Ya'an, southeast China's Sichuan Province was included in the list of top ten ugly sculptures in China by a well-known Chinese website.

The selection activity has stirred controversy because the statue is original from the relief sculpture of an ancient tomb dating back to the East Han Dynasty (25 A. D.-220 A.D.).

Ya'an official microblog responded by saying, "First Kiss is not ugly. It is the vivid display of the culture of the Han dynasty as well as a concrete manifestation of Ya'an city heritage."

There are two theories existing in illustrating the ancient painting. One is "kiss" and the other is "feedback", according to experts.

The statue, created by local designer Ye Zongcheng, was placed in Ya'an in May 2005.

Some experts think the statue is a form of artistic expression in the righteous cause of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Viewing the statue as the ugly one is a way of culture misunderstanding.

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