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Shoppers like peasants gawking at big city

(Shanghai Daily)

09:49, October 11, 2012

"Thank you, China" is often heard when increasing numbers of Chinese travelers flock to debt-ridden eurozone countries and spend one-third of their money on shopping.

Chinese visitors would rather spend on luxurious goods than on dining and accommodation, and they would never consider a simple beach vacation for a week, as many foreigners do.

One news photo shows a crowd of Chinese visitors, excited and joyous, swarming into a luxury brand store as two European shop assistants open the doors. It reflects rich Chinese people's blatant desire for shopping, especially for squandering money on foreign goods.

They behave just like villagers who enter big cities where everything is new to them and they are hungry to buy status items.

As some European countries struggle economically, a group of "aboriginals" bring them gleaming silver coins. No wonder they keep saying, "Thank you, China."

But this kind of appreciation creates a sense that we are laughed at for our lack of sophistication. We recommend Europeans thank "the rich Chinese" who prefer luxury goods, rather than thank China, because they do not represent China. On the whole, Chinese people are rational and won't lose their manners in front of foreign items.

During their trips abroad, these so called rich Chinese stay in cheap hostels and eat instant noodles while purchasing luxury goods. Since they are wealthy they can afford exotic feasts and hotels. Clearly their blind faith in foreign things and their aim to show off contribute to this ridiculous shopping experience.

How to spend money is more important than how to earn money. These "rich Chinese" should think about how to elevate their taste.

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