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40% in city lose sleep over stress

(CRI Online)

09:27, October 11, 2012

Work and study problems are the main causes of stress for locals in the big city's highly competitive environment, according to a study by the Shanghai survey company

Other stressors are health issues of the elderly, the high cost of apartments and children's education, the survey said.

Among the 1,200-plus people polled, nearly half said they become short tempered and 40 percent said they couldn't sleep due to stress.

"Body aches, loss of appetite and insomnia might suggest psychological problems," said Ji Weidong, deputy director of Changning Mental Health Center.

Nearly half do nothing to relieve pressure. Some travel, talk to their friends and relatives, or surf the Internet.

Many go to bed after midnight due to work or bad habits. More than 40 percent said they suffer anxiety if they forget to bring their cell phones, which can be a sign of emotional insecurity. Some are irritable and unwilling to talk at home.

Psychologists advised people to remember to keep a positive attitude and relax from time to time.

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