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Mutouyu village: 400 years of memory


14:17, October 10, 2012

The village is well known among local people for its ancient buildings and culture. Now it’s time to escape from city life and breathe some fresh air.(CNTV)

Mutouyu is a 400-year-old village located in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. The village is well known among local people for its ancient buildings and culture. Now it’s time to escape from city life and breathe some fresh air.

This is Mutouyu Village, located on the side of the Yellow River in Shaanxi Province. It’s used to be a busy wharf in old times, and from this ancient wharf, traditions and cultures from the outside world were brought into the village.

Jin Opera is very popular in the area, and almost everyone in the village can sing it.

Zhang Lanting, resident of Mutouyu village, Shaanxi province, said,"I’m good at Jin opera, wether the role is for a man or a woman."

Mutouyu villagers have realized the great importance of education since ancient times. That explains why there were so many elites in politics, business, education, as well as art and culture. Many families have kept the the tradition alive through each generation up to now.

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