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'Golden Week' presents sweets and bitters to Chinese

(People's Daily Online)

10:53, October 10, 2012

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Many Chinese people may choose “tired” if using a word to describe the just past “Golden Week” of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival because of the gridlocked traffic on the highway and the crowded stream of people in scenic spots. People spent a lot of money but did not enjoy a relaxed holiday. Nevertheless, the “Golden Week” was still the happy time.


Post-vacation Tips

China hit with back to work anxiety blues

Tips coping with post-vacation syndrome

Going back to work after a long vacation, people may feel fatigued, sluggish, depressed, irritable and hard to concentrate their energy [Read more]


Can Chinese 'Golden Week' be more relaxing?

Survey showed that less than 30 percent of office workers can enjoy paid vacation in China. Under such welfare system, it is inevitable that people will choose to travel in the "Golden Week". [Read more]

Mid-Autumn Festival is more than mooncakes

Mooncakes have almost become the only symbol of the festival, as can be proved by piles of various mooncakes in supermarkets. [Read more]

Holiday tourism sees robust growth in China

The number of travelers in major scenic spots across China had totaled 4.27 million by 5 p.m.[Read more]


"Golden Week" justifies title with rise in tourism revenue

The country's 119 major scenic spots received a total of 34.25 million visitors during the eight-day holiday.[Read more]

Rescheduling holidays can ease tensions


Road to nowhere is route to despair

Traffic jams and overcrowded sites leave many feeling they hit a dead end during the holiday [Read more]

Holidays force tourists to choke scenic spots

Many people chose their favorite destinations to fully relax and rejuvenate for future work.[Read more]


Travel peak around China during holiday

740 mln trips to be made during holiday: authorities

Tourist sites overwhelmed by huge crowds during holidays

The extended national holidays and a decision to waive highway tolls have brought many tourist attractions to a virtual standstill since the beginning of the eight-day vacation. [Read more]

Thousands gather at Tian'anmen Square for flag-raising ceremony

Tens of thousands of people gathered at the Tian'anmen Square to watch the national flag raising ceremony [Read more]


“Seas of people” throughout China during the 8-day-long autumn break.





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