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Video: Cast of "Dangerous Liaisons" in Busan for film festival

By U-Jean Jung (CNTV)

16:32, October 08, 2012

A film directed by a South Korean director, shot in China, and starring top stars from both countries is receiving great popularity in South Korea this week. The cast of “Dangerous Liaisons” is in Busan for the international film festival.

Director Hur Jin-ho’s “Dangerous Liaisons” grasped Busan’s attention with the three big Asian stars Jang Dong-kun, Zhang Ziyi, and Cecelia Cheung.

"Dangerous Liaisons" is a based on an 18th century French novel. Although there are already more than a handful of adaptations of the same plot, this one is set in Shanghai in the 1930s. In this Chinese romantic film that relies heavily on how well the lines are delivered by the actors, Jang Dong-kun acts in smooth Chinese, even though he doesn’t speak the language.

Zhang Ziyi, actress, said, "I think Jang Dong-kun will be able to act perfectly in any language like Russian, German, or Arabic."

This isn’t Jang Dong-kun’s first time acting in a Chinese film. And it’s his second time working with Cecelia Cheung, after the film "The Promise" in 2005.

Jang Dong-Kun, actor, said, "Looking back on the past 20 years of acting in South Korea, this is the first time I’ve acted with the same actress twice. I have a special relationship with Cecelia Cheung. We even have the same surname, ’Zhang’."

But "Dangerous Liaisons," a film on romance and revenge is far different from the action fantasy “The Promise’, which the two starred in together. And Cecelia Cheung says acting as Miss. Mo, a manipulative character who uses her beauty and intelligence to control those around her, still feels like a dream.

Cecelia Cheung, actress, said, "Acting out as Miss. Mo still feels like a dream. I have a lot in common with the character in real life. We are both under certain pressures from society."

In the evening, Zhang Ziyi also wooed fans at the Haeundae beach, by appearing with another South Korean director, Lee Chang-dong. Fans swarmed to the bottom of the stage, in an attempt to capture the Chinese star on their smartphones and cameras.

"Dangerous Liaisons" is already out in China. And many local fans here are already looking forward to its release in South Korean cinemas next week.

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