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Life tips: Cold Dews [Special]

(People's Daily Online)

08:27, October 08, 2012

life tips for healthy lifestyle

The 24 Solar Terms - Cold Dews 。◕‿◕。

“Cold Dews” is the 17 solar term of the 24 solar terms and falls on October 8 or October 9 each year. It means that it’s colder than “White Dews” and the dews are becoming frost. It arrives on October 8 this year. [Read more]

What to eat? 

Cold Dews regimen

"Cold Dews" falls on Oct. 8 in Gregorian calendar and Aug. 23 in lunar calendar this year. [Read more]


Eat Chinese yam and lotus root after "Cold Dews"

Chinese yam is a traditional Chinese medicine as well as a tasty food. [Read more]

Toxin expelling foods in autumn regimen

Nutrition studies have shown asparagus is a low-calorie source of folate and potassium. [Read more]

Top 10 food of detoxification demystified

Mashed ricebean is a perfect sweet dressing for dessert and considered as natural anti-oxidant for its punch. [Read more]


  Useful tips for autumn

Men’s health: Skin care for normal skin and acne-prone skin

It is complained that there has always been a lot of discussion on women’s skin care. [Read more]

Chinese congee, low-calorie nutrient

Looking for a tasty recipe that's a great alternative to instant oatmeal? Try nutritious and yummy Chinese-style congee. [Read more]

Men's health: Meat that nourish your kidneys

Bovine bone marrow is the best meat to nourish the kidneys. [Read more]

Tips for "Autumn Equinox" [Special]

On the Chinese lunar calendar, “Autumn Equinox” is the beginning of autumn and this day is just at the middle point between “Autumn Begins” to “Hoar-Frost Falls”. [Read more]

Life tips: Don't bathe under the following conditions (No.8)

When you're taking a bath, the hot water will expand blood vessels. [Read more]


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