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Are you ready for golden autumn break?

(People's Daily Online)

09:37, September 29, 2012

life tips for healthy lifestyle</font>

A long autumn break combining two of China's most important holidays is soon upon us. This year an unusually late Mid-Autumn Festival on September 30 and National Day on October 1  will offer people in China a weeklong break from the toils of work, an offer of opportunity to share good food, wine and cheer with family and friends. These tips provide you with information for a happy and healthy vacation.

Autumn Regimen

Find perfect match for your moon cakes

It’s a healthy practice that having thin porridge when having mooncakes[Read more]


What to drink for National Day holiday

One essential in understanding wines is realizing that good wines...[Read more]

Top 10 food of detoxification demystified

Detoxification has become an essential feature of the holistic health...[Read more]


Skin care for normal skin and acne-prone skin

Toxin expelling foods in autumn regimen

The concepts of internal cleansing and detoxifying have been ...[Read more]

Travel Advice

Top 10 destinations for Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing

>>>City Guide-Beijing


Chinese youth’s favorite tourist destinations is currently running a poll to determine the Chinese youth's...[Read more]

Colorful Guizhou boosts tourism

China's southwest Guizhou Province, is attracting tourists with... [Read more]


Ramble in old town of Pingyao, N China's Shanxi

Pingyao, a city with more than 2700 years of history, locates... [Read more] 

Night Tour at Longmen Grottoes

The frescos and Buddha sculptures there are illuminated at night... [Read more]

The View at the Bird Nest Resort in Sanya

With  wooden villas in dense forests and an open view of...[Read more]


Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon: world's deepest canyon

The  River cleaves a straight niche from west to east before reaching...[Read more]


Top 9 films during National Day holiday

TW's romantic antics sweep through mainland

The latest episodes of the Taiwanese romantic TV drama...[Read more]

Rescheduling holidays can ease tensions

A survey of 30,000 people showed on average people work 8.66 h...[Read more]

Safety Tips

Survivors tell you how to survive traffic accidents

Australian researchers have studied records of 105 plane crashes ...[Read more]

Caution: Traps behind credit card use

Various credit card promotion activities usually just "look beautiful", but...[Read more]


China tourism authority prioritizes safety during holiday

The CNTA will coordinate the efforts of various government...[Read more]

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