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Chinese designer recognized at Paris Fashion Week


16:20, September 28, 2012

Designer Liu Fang (CNTV)

We've got a wonderful show for you today, kicking off on the topic of fashion! A special guest in our studio will be giving us the lowdown on fashion in China, but first, let's take a look over in Paris, where Fashion Week has just begun. "China in Paris" has been running alongside Paris Fashion Week since 2010. In its fifth season now, the event is getting bigger and bigger. And this year, cashmere designer Liu Fang is the star attraction. CCTV's Kate Parkinson has been following her as she prepares for her debut show in the world's fashion capital.

It is just one day to go before the show, Liu Fang and her team are busy making final preparations.

This is her debut on the Paris runway and tensions are high, it's essential that the right girls are chosen to best show off her designs.

But despite the stress Liu Fang is excited.

Liu Fang, cashere designer, said,"I am really really excited to be showing my creations to the world tomorrow night. For every Chinese designer it is a dream to put their collection on the runway of Paris Fashion Week and, for me, it is actually a dream come true!"

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