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Taiwan's romantic antics sweep through mainland

By Wu Jin (

15:55, September 28, 2012


The latest episodes of the Taiwanese romantic TV drama "In Time with You" have sparked a romantic storm sweeping through the Chinese mainland. This renewed love for on-screen romance comes not long after the box office-hit "You Are the Apple of My Eye" scooped up a number of Chinese film awards, such as the Asian Film Awards, the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, in early 2012

"In Time with You" explores the age-old storyline of love and friendship, what happens when the two meet or intertwine, and whether or not old friends can eventually become lovers. The romantic TV drama is currently keeping its fingers crossed for Taiwan's Golden Bell Award nominations, hoping to be among the chosen ones in eight dominant categories, including those of best actor, best actress and best screenplay.

The philosophical layers beneath the show's real-life settings have also resonated well with mainland audiences, who share the same cultural roots as their cross-Straits compatriots do.

Additionally, the popular TV show has lent a helping hand to Hunan Satellite TV Station by restoring the station's long-coveted top spot on the mainland's prime time viewer ratings listing (after its initial launch).

Chinese newspaper Today Morning Express complimented the series for being "an ethereal on-screen piece of art that appropriately represents the Taipei ambience without falling into over-emotional over-acting in an over-intensified commercial atmosphere".

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